What does an A+ get you?

In School you get on the honor roll...in Contents Restoration it gets you a great partner where customer service matters the most!

AMRestore can help restoration companies, agents and adjusters with contents moving and restoration claims all with the highest degree of quality.

When a disaster affects personal property, furniture, books, documents, files, artwork and collections...time is of the essence. The best way to recover contents, documents and art from water, fire or mold damage is to call AMRestore fast!

AMRestore provides focused service in pack-out and pack-and-move conditions so contractors and mitigators can do their work! What you donít get are hassles and headaches from companies that treat contents as an afterthought or a loss leader. We care about contents and thatís all we handle. We donít compete...we complete!


Benefits of Partnering with AMRestore:

  • Proven Residential, Commercial, Government  Experience
  • No Conflict of Interest with Restoration Companies - we only perform Contents Recovery Services
  • We Work with all Insurances
  • Art and Document restoration with the largest freeze-dryer in the region
  • Secure, Alarmed, Camera Protected Vaults